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About Belène®

In 2018, Belène® was launched by the pharmaceutical company Ceres Pharma. Belène® nutricosmetics provide a range of beauty products acting from inside out for a healthy skin. For active women who want to look and feel beautiful and strong. Take special care of your health and beauty with Belène®!

Mario Debel

“We are all getting older, and hopefully wiser, but we don't have to look or feel that way. Good nutrition, regular exercise and supplementation with high-quality food supplements can keep you feeling fitter, healthier and more youthful for longer."
Mario Debel, co-founder, co-owner and CEO of Ceres Pharma

"As you get older, your body produces fewer and fewer substances, causing your skin to become drier and less tight and wrinkles appear. Don’t smoke, always protect your skin from the sun and take care of your skin daily, are golden rules.

In 2018, Belène® Skin Care was launched on the Belgian market by Ceres Pharma. Belène® refers to the French word "belle", meaning "beautiful". As a pharmacist and cosmetologist, I strongly believe in nourishing your skin from within, which is why we created Belène®. Unlike creams, Belène® products are innovative, high-quality food supplements and work from the inside out.

A multidisciplinary team composed of physicians, pharmacists and researchers, developed the Belène® products based on the latest scientific insights in the field of nutritherapy. The efficacy of our Belène® products has been proven in scientific studies.

Firstly, we introduced the Belène® Anti-Age Beauty Drink with collagen as main ingredient, secondly the Belène® Anti-Age Beauty Pill with silicium and most recently, for younger women, we added the Belène® Hydrating Beauty Pill with hyaluronic acid.

Meanwhile, thousands of Belgian women use our Belène® products and we receive daily very good customer reviews on all our products. We have also launched Belène® in the other countries, where Ceres Pharma operates.”

About Ceres Pharma

Ceres Pharma is a young, dynamic and fast growing Belgian pharmaceutical company. Ceres Pharma is active in the development, production and distribution of drugs, medical devices, biocides, cosmetics, high-quality food supplements and pharmaceutical preparations in Benelux and in Central and Eastern Europe.